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Emotion Science Starter Kits

Emotion Science Starter Kits

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Tantrums Game l Emotion-Science Game

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Designed by pediatricians and psychologists, this Emotion Science Starter Pack helps kids understand how their emotions work, label feelings, and build a tool kit of calming skills to healthily express emotions. Social Emotional Learning is no longer difficult to comprehend, but can be mastered through play!

  • Discover the magical world of emotion science and anger management through hands-on projects and stories
  • Projects included: build emotion balancing game with STEM sensory exploration, emotion circuits, and more!
  • Develop anger control, emotional growth, and creative ways to express our big feelings


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  • What’s in the box
  • Online Learning
  • Tantrums Game

    Build Outer space STEM projects while learning 6 basic emotions and 9 calming skills. Turn your build into a mind-blowing board game that can be played 100+ times

  • Emotion-Science Game

    Build its mind-body connections and emotion circuit with conductive pay dough. Activate the robot using conductive dough to form an electric circuit

Online Learning

Scan the QR code on the instruction booklet to get full access. Entrust your kids' education to the professionals!

What Kids Will Learn

The Science of Story Telling

Discover the imaginative stories of meltdown aliens designed by psychologists


Build mind-body connections with the electric kit and circuit clay

Anger Management

Practice 9 coping skills through the super fun outer space emotion balancing game

Social-Emotional Growth

Discover the magical emotions inside our brain through hands-on play that promotes critical thinking

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