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Our mission is to inspire the lifelong love of self for every child.

Find out what you’re made of Find out what you’re made of

Our Story

The creation of MEandMine began with Elinor and a powerhouse of parents in Silicon Valley. After a career in healthcare, Elinor observed firsthand the growing diagnosable mental health problems in young kids. “Our children are growing up in a world where performance is king. Over-stimulus is starting at a younger age, oftentimes with overwhelming performance-based expectations.”

Elinor started this personal project by chatting with 1000 parents across the U.S. Although with different backgrounds and various parenting skills, all of the parents had one thing in common: the deepest hope for the children to develop a resilient core through a fundamental love of self, healthy life choices, and become not just better students, but better people.

The idea behind MEandMine was crystalized after a conversation with the Center on the Developing Child at Harvard. From as early as 3 years old, the foundation of a child’s social-emotional development is built into the architecture of their brain. Social-emotional development is proven highly correlated to the development of problem-solving skills that contribute to a child’s fulfillment in life.

MEandMine was built out of a belief in the importance of developing resilience. As parents, the best gift we can give to our little ones is to empower them to have fun with challenges, make friends with uncertainties, and discover the magic hidden inside them.

Our Team

We are a team of educators, pediatricians, family science experts, psychologists, toy geeks, and parents. At MEandMine, we see an opportunity to engage kids from less of an authoritative perspective and more of a partnership through self-initiated play. We’re obsessed with creating family bonding experiences where the line between fun and learning is blurred. We are here for your kids, and we’ve also got your back!

“As parents, the best gift we can give to our little ones is to empower them to love challenges, be intrigued by frustrations, enjoy efforts, and inspire their lifelong love of self.“

Elinor, founder & MEandMine team
MEandMine Team

Backed By Science

MEandMine was recognized by numerous awards as one of the best products to nurture a child’s intellectual and emotional development. We build our products with a scientifically proven method that starts with reading and layers on play and practice as a surefire way to help kids discover what they’re made of.

Clinical Proven Method

Inspired By Kids

“I hope you discover the magic I see in you”

— Elinor Huang, Founder of MEandMine