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Award-winning educational play kits for kids ages 3-8


Playtime with Purpose

MEandMine is a new play experience that makes a child's journey of self-discovery the most fun, mind-blowing and inspiring hands-on adventure. We help kids discover all the marvelous ways their body and emotions work to help them grow. This helps them face the wild road of life ahead with excitement, confidence, creativity, and resilience.

Self-Discovery Made Adventurous

Empowerment Empowerment

Abstract Concepts Made Simple


Social-Emotional Learning Made Fun

Resilient Resilience

Healthy Growth Made Possible

Self Care Self Care

How It Works

Discover MEandMine Magic

Experience-Based Story

Bring abstract concepts to life with intuitive and playful adventures.

Grownup Guide
Story Book

STEAM-Backed Projects

Merge humanity and social emotional development with tactile explorations.

Creative Hands-on Projects

Imagination-Powered Play

Empowers kids through “in-role” participation to help them make healthy choices in life

Interactive Game Role
Full Self-care Practice
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Designed By Experts

Our award-winning products are designed by educators, pediatricians, and psychologists. We inspire kids to find out what they’re made of with scientifically proven methods, including Learning Theory by David Kolb and the Social-Emotional Development Framework by the Center on the Developing Child at Harvard.

Co-designed by
Dr. Timmy C. Lee, MD
Loved by
Jason Nichols & Dash
Recommended by
Steven Rummell
Partnered with
Qi Lopez & Diana Phoung
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ASTM F963 Certified

Our promise for safe play! We're committed to creating play experiences that are safe, exploratory, sensory, and meaningful: to be exactly what children need at each stage. We prioritize safety and quality in all our products that could make it into your little ones's hands.

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