Gift Our Kids The Skills To Thrive In Life

Kids need resilience now, more than ever! Our award-winning subscription inspires kids to find out what they are made of and connect to their world more meaningfully. These essential life skills built today empower them to solve big problems tomorrow.

Body Science

Discover what we are made of

Growth Mindset

Embrace challenges and develop grit

Self Worth

Inspire confidence and self-efficacy


Perspective taking and compassion

Emotion Science

Manage feelings and handle frustration


Resolve conflicts and foster teamwork

How It Works

Social-Emotional X STEM learning at your fingertips. It’s as easy as 1-2-3

  • The Science of Storytelling

    Story activiate more brain cells and enhance learning. As kids learn to care about their fav squads in the story, they learn how to overcome challenges

  • STEM Re-imagined

    The magic of “Minds and Hands” connects small things in a big way. The SEL X STEM skills kids acquire today will help solve the problems tomorrow

  • The Power of Games

    Reinforce the learning process with tactile exploration and interactive games. Because the more fun your kids have, the more they learn