Gift Guide

Gift Our Kids The Skills To Thrive In Life

Kids need resilience now, more than ever! Our award-winning subscription inspires kids to discover their inner strengths, set the building blocks of essential life skills, and empowers them to solve the big problems of tomorrow.

How It Works

Social-Emotional X STEM learning at your fingertips. It’s as easy as 1-2-3

  • The Science of Storytelling

    Story activates more brain cells and enhances learning. As kids learn about their favorite squads in the story, they also learn how to overcome challenges.

  • STEM Re-imagined

    Hands-on, sensory activities helps kids connect abract concepts in a fun and interactive way. Develop fine motor skills while learning essential life skills!

  • The Power of Games

    Reinforce the learning process with tactile exploration and interactive games. Because the more fun your kids have, the more they learn!