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iLuv's Emotion Circuits

Aha! Emotion Science

Aha! Emotion Science

Electric Circuits X Play Dough | Ages 5-8

Explore this robot engineering circuit kit to learn how our emotions are created. Through building the electric circuits and conductive play dough, kids will learn how our body connects to our emotions. These tactile explorations cultivate children’s ability to express emotions the most creative way possible!

  • Build mind-body connections with the electric circuit kit
  • Create the emotion circuit with conductive play dough
  • Learn how our brain creates emotions and how our body responds to it
  • Explore endless possibilities to express emotions with play doughs
  • Aligned with CASEL Social Emotional Learning Benchmark K-3 Standards
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    • What’s in the box
    • Online Learning

    Sparks kids' natural curiosity to find out what they are made of and where their emotions come from.

    • The Robot Story

      Read a 32-page beautifully illustrated book and learn the science of emotions

    • Robot Engineering Project

      Build its mind-body connections and emotion circuit with conductive pay dough

    • Emotion Circuit

      Activate the robot using conductive dough to form an electric circuit

    • Online Lesson

      Explore storytime, product tutorials, and learning resources with the teacher’s guidance

    Online Learning

    Scan the QR code on the instruction booklet to get full access. Entrust your kids' education to the professionals!