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A Journey of Brainy Twins

Aha! Growth Mindset

Aha! Growth Mindset

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Mystery Vending Machine | Ages 4-7

Ready? Get your mindset... Grow! Journey with the brainy twins and discover the power of "yet". Backed by neuroscience, this play kit explains the growth mindset v.s the fixed mindset and empowers kids to make the switch. The 3 activities provide a fun environment for kids to embrace challenges and develop a growth mindset through all their senses.

  • Learn Growth Mindset vs. Fixed Mindset
  • Build a brain vending machine and grow it with 3 mystery capsules
  • Foster kids' growth mindset through 3 mission-packed challenges
  • Develop grit, focus attention and learn from mistakes
  • Aligned with CASEL Social Emotional Learning Benchmark K-3 Standards


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  • What’s in the box
  • Online Learning

Sparks kids' curiosity to find out how their brains can grow when embracing new challenges and focusing on efforts.

  • Brainy Twin Story

    Read a 32-page beautifully illustrated book and learn growth mindset v.s fixed mindset

  • STEM Projects

    Build a mystery vending machine we call Brain

  • 3 Missions

    Unlock each mystery capsule for a mission to develop a growth mindset

  • Online Lesson

    Explore storytime, product tutorials, and learning resources with the teacher’s guidance

Online Learning

Scan the QR code on the instruction booklet to get full access. Entrust your kids' education to the professionals!

What Kids Will Learn

The Power of "Yet"

Explore the magical "yet" through the brainy twins' story, designed by pediatricians and psychologists

Develop Grit

Build the STEM vending machine and nurture your kid's perseverance

Focus Attentions

Practice 3 mission-packed activities to help improve concentration skills

Handle Frustration

Embrace challenges, solve problems, and ​develop a growth mindset through play

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