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Quest to 4 Magic Kingdoms

Aha! Brain

Aha! Brain

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Magician STEM Box | Ages 5-8

Dare to try this MYSTERY BOX? Set out on a journey to become the world’s greatest magician. STEM Challenges await to unlock the 4 powerful brainy tricks in each brain lobe realm. This award-winning play kit enlightens brain science for kids, unleashes imaginations, develops problem-solving skills, and fosters brain development.

  • Unlock 4 STEM challenges in a mystery box
  • Learn powerful tricks each brain lobe holds: problem-solving, sensory, visual processing, memory& emotion
  • Foster brain development, critical thinking, and confidence
  • Aligned with National STEM K-3 Standards


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  • What’s in the box
  • Online Learning

Spark kids' curiosity to find out how their brain works and what they can do to make it stronger.

  • The Magician Story

    Read a magician's journey to master all brainy tricks

  • 4 STEM challenges

    Discover how each lobe controls our thoughts, memories, feelings, and behaviors

  • A Mystery Box

    Empower kids to unlock the different gifts from our brains and keep practicing them

  • Online Lesson

    Explore storytime, product tutorials, and learning resources with the teacher’s guidance

Online Learning

Scan the QR code on the instruction booklet to get full access. Entrust your kids' education to the professionals!

What Kids Will Learn

Frontal Lobe

Develop problem-solving, planning, and critical thinking through building a 3D Maze

Occipital Lobe

Learn how our brain processes visuals. Dazzle our good eyes with a super fun optical illusion

Temporal Lobe

Decode how our brain creates memories colored in different emotions

Parietal Lobe

Discover how our brain controls sensory system by mastering a magical temperature detecting trick

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