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Uh-Oh! Oil in the Ocean!

Aha! Empathy

Aha! Empathy

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Oil Spill X Ocean Cleanup | Ages 4-7

Awarded as 2022 the best eco-friendly toy, this play kit contains an ocean pollution story book, an oil-spill model, and ocean cleanup projects. Through tactile explorations, kids explore the ocean under threats and react to real-life problems where they learn to take perspectives, feel others’ feelings, demonstrate empathy in action, and become change-makers for our planet.

  • Learn to label feelings, take perspectives, show kindness, and solve problems.
  • 2022 Best Eco-Friendly STEM Toy
  • Shape our next generation's environmental consciousness
  • Encourage children to be real-world change makers
  • Aligned with CASEL Social Emotional Learning Benchmark K-3 Standards


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  • What’s in the box
  • Online Learning

Practice coping skills through this super fun emotion balance board game.

  • Ocean Pollution Story

    Read a 32-page beautifully illustrated book about the ocean under oil spill threat

  • Oil Spill Model

    Explore the oil-spill experiment and discover its impact on the ocean friends

  • Ocean Cleanup Projects

    Build the trash grabber and recycling bins. Teach kids to sort different types of recyclables.

  • Online Lesson

    Explore storytime, product tutorials, and learning resources with the teacher’s guidance

Online Learning

Scan the QR code on the instruction booklet to get full access. Entrust your kids' education to the professionals!

What Kids Will Learn

The Power of Science

Read the story about ocean pollution and learn the science behind this irreversible crisis

Perspective Taking

Get hands dirty in the oil-spill experiment. Visualize how puffin is struggling and learn to label feelings

Empathy In Action

Empower creative problem-solving. Build STEM solutions to clean up the ocean and recycle trash

Positive Behaviors

Go beyond the pretend play and become a change maker for the world we live in

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