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Expert Review on Self-Discovery Camp By Steven Rummell

"Given the continued uncertainty over Covid-19, summer camp options are quickly moving into the virtual space and parents need home-based options. While the traditional in-person camp models have benefits, the ability to have STEAM-based learning resources for families is critical to ensure children's development and learning growth continues during the summer months.
  MeandMine products provide families with easy-to-use activities that allow imaginative play and encourage cognitive development and fine motor skills. The MeandMine virtual camp product provides hands-on learning that will ensure that children are able to maximize their summer experience while providing parents with flexibility and tools to know their children are preventing the 'summer slide' that can occur without proper engagement. The MeandMine virtual camp is designed to allow minimal adult guidance and ease of use to benefit both children and their parents.
  The present educational environment is presenting both a challenge and an opportunity. Our children need to continue to grow and embrace developmental milestones, but the lack of in-person options and the risks of traditional camp models make the benefits of virtual learning more important than ever. Families need research-based and student-centered options for young learners, which makes MeandMine's virtual summer camp a tool no family should be without."