The Ultimate Bucket List for Kids: The Summer of Change - backup

The Ultimate Bucket List for Kids: The Summer of Change - backup

Sun's out, school's out , and it's officially summertime. For parents, these couple of months ahead of us are one of the toughest times during the year, besides for the holidays. It's our kid's summer break, meaning, time for us to keep our kids entertained 24/7 while keeping our cool and patience, 

Though summer is a time to take a break from school and learning, we challenge you to make this summer a meaningful one. Because who says that you can't have fun while still learning? 

This summer, instead of opting into the normal summer camps, and overly relying on technology to entertain your kids, let's try making it a summer of a lifetime. Let's take this opportunity to inspire the next generation, equip them with lifelong skills, and challenge them to become the change they want to see in the world.

Unleash their Superpowers

It's time to ignite their passion, fuel their creativity, and instill in them the belief that their actions can make a real difference. Whether it's showing empathy to those around them, making responsible decisions, or using their unique talents to inspire other, we ALL can unleash a wave of positive transformation. Let's encourage our kids to step forward with courage, empathy, and determination, knowing that they have the ability to create a better future. Together, we can empower them to embrace their inner change makers and embark on a summer of purpose, where their small acts of kindness and compassion have the potential to create a ripple effect of goodness that will last far beyond the season. 

Superpower #1: Hardness the Power of Responsible Decision Making 

Empower your kids to make responsible decisions: The special ability to be mindful of their decisions and the consequences of their actions not just for themselves, but also those around them. Believe it or not, kids are capable of making decisions, good decisions! Making decisions is an incredibly important skill to have. Not only do we use it every single day within our daily lives, but it also has the power to make lasting impacts on the world around us. Thus, building up our kid's ability to make responsible decisions is extremely important! And when better to start hardness these skills than during these crucial years of their development. Remember, little decisions today can shape the future of our world. 

    Superpower #2: Transforming Lives and Uniting Humanity

    Empathy! The power of empathy can be extremely strong. It is what allows us to connect with those around us, and build meaningful relationships with others. Just imagine how cool it is to have the ability to sense someone's emotions and show them that you care. In today's society, empathy is extremely important because it helps us connect with people from different backgrounds and cultures. 

    So put on your empathy capes and get ready to use your superpower to spread love, understanding, and happiness wherever you go. 

    Superpower #3: Healthy Choices

    Healthy diets for a healthy planet. It's no secret that fueling your body with healthy food is so incredibly important for our health. Not only does it give us enough energy to stay active throughout the day and keep us strong, but eating healthy is actually very beneficial for our environment! 

    Summer of Change Bucket List

    A couple weeks into summer and you're already running out of ideas on how to entertain your kids? Don't worry, we've got you covered! Unlike you typical summer bucket list, this one challenges and provides the opportunity for your child to make a real difference. 

    1. Plant your favorite fruit or vegetable in your backyard and watch it grow
    2. Perform one act of kindness every day 
    3. Head out to the local park and clean up the park 
    4. Repurpose old clothing 
    5. Pick out 5 gently used toys to give to charity 
    6. Invent new things from old things 
    7. Start a compost bucket 
    8. Take a trash walk 
    9. Recycle your crayons
    10. Create a daily affirmation poster
    11. Bake cookies with leftover ingredients 
    12. Spend a day without using electricity 
    13. Ditch the car and try walking or biking to your next destination 
    14. Go on nature walks and see if you're able to pick up 10 pieces of trash 
    15. Take an old shoe and turn it into a flower pot

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