The Magic Power Of Imagination

The Magic Power Of Imagination

Michell Robillos

The Magic Power of Imagination

By: Michell Robillos

  Have you ever imagined swimming in the deep blue ocean to rescue baby eggs from giant sharks? Or maybe going into outer space to help an alien galaxy find emotional balance after the Big Bang? What about teaming up with a furry yeti to fish out germs from a large vessel pond? That my friend is called the power of imagination! A superpower each one of us possesses at a very early age. Imagination comes in all forms: writing, reading, painting, and building, just to name a few. 

  Imagination is the ability to form mental pictures and/or ideas in the mind. The neocortex and thalamus are responsible for controlling our brain’s imagination, along with other functions like consciousness and abstract thinking. Everything on this planet was first imagined before it became a reality. It promotes cognitive and social development to help increase critical thinking in children and encourages creative problem-solving skills. The things we imagine are from the information stored in our memories. When we daydream, our brain uses memories to help power imagination.  

  Children use their imagination to make sense of this world. Pretend play starts as early as 14-18 months and aids with self-esteem and the confidence to become anyone and anything they want to be. Kids have the best imagination! An endless array of a vivid imaginary world filled with colorful ideas, images, and creatures! They can come up with just about anything. Give them a box of legos or a pack of crayons and watch them create wonders.  

  Santa is one of the first figures kids imagine is a real human being who spreads joy by delivering gifts every Christmas Eve to good kids on his list. Kids believe that if they are “good” at the end of the year, they will be rewarded with a gift under the tree from the North Pole. They put out cookies and milk, write their X-mas list, and wait for Santa and his reindeers to come down their chimney. This folklore starts with us. We carry this beautiful December tradition because we too believed in Santa at one point in our lives. Their smiles, the glimmer in their eyes, the lovely sound of giggles, and watching them tear open their gifts with their tiny hands also brings us as much joy as they do. We try to keep their innocence for as long as we can and Santa is proof of that. 

  We at MeandMine care deeply about the power of imagination. We aim to develop children's creativity through imaginative play. Here are some of our favorite play kits to help your kids strengthen and grow their imagination. 

Magnetic & Sensory Fishing Game | Shop on MEandMine or Amazon

Aha! Healing "Fish Out Germs"

Prepare for battle...from Germs! Help our furry yeti, the White Blood Cell, along with his army of platelet minions, and help them fish out germs from the vessel pond using the mighty fishing rod! Learn about how the body heals, put together a vessel pond filled with water beads, create germy germs, and build a fishing rod! Troops Assemble, we are ready to protect our bodies!

Kinetic Energy Projects | Shop on MEandMine or Amazon

Aha! Muscle "Superhero Rescue"

What’s that smell? Oh no! The Kindred Spirit forest is on fire! Mayday, mayday, we need backup stat! Team up with our superhero friends, Captain Muscle, along with his feathery sidekick Birdy Energy and help save the forest. Learn how energy and muscle work together, create a majestic forest, build a speedy shoe to put out the fire, and become a superhero by wearing Capt. Muscle’s super vest, along with birdy energy balls to power up! Zoom, zoom, and away we go!

Chemical Reaction Experiments | Shop on MEandMine or Amazon

Aha! Digestion "Journey Down the Belly"

Have you ever wondered where our food travels to after we take a few bites? Follow this doozy of a journey with our tour guide, the Enzyme. First stop, the Stomach Pond to make slime and learn about Gastric Juice. Second stop, the Small Intestine Forest to create a nutrients lava lamp and watch colorful bubbles float all around. Third and final stop, the Colon Tunnel to make poop! Get ready for a fun and messy ride!

UV & Sunscreen Lab | Shop on MEandMine or Amazon

Aha! Skin "Sunshine Mischief"

Yow! Heat Alert! MEandMine detectives, we’re on a mission to uncover the mystery behind the Sunshine Mischief. Learn about the 3 layers of the skin by making a Sunshine Mobile, see how sunscreen can help our skin from UV rays through our sunscreen lab, and put together a UV keychain that lets us know when it’s time to reapply. Lather up, soak up the sun, and keep the skin happy and healthy!

Balancing Board Game | Shop on MEandMine or Amazon

Aha! Tantrum "iCalm Galaxy"

Help! The recent big bang has made our alien friends overwhelmed with emotions. Let’s join the MEandMine rescue squad and the iCalm guardians on a mind-blowing space rescue to save our galaxy from emotional chaos! Learn all sorts of fun ways to regulate our emotions through building and playing your own board game!

Reflection Lab | Shop on MEandMine or Amazon

Aha! Self-Worth "All About Me Kaleidoscope"

Behold, a kaleidoscope about You! Travel through memory lane with our flutterry friend, Memory, and go on a self-discovery journey where you’ll uncover all the colorful, loveable, slippery, flippery, full-of-mysterious things that make you, YOU!  Build a kaleidoscope and look through the lens to see all the people, moments, and experiences that shape the person you are today. Are you ready to see the real you? Let’s go!

Cooperative Rescue Game | Shop on MEandMine

Aha! Teamwork "Coral-Laboration"

Our sea friend and her baby egg are in danger! Ocean rescue squad, let’s team up and work together to escort sea friends and their babies home safely. Learn to take turns, work together, and communicate better in this action-packed adventure under the sea! Put together a coral reef, build the MEandMine rescue squad, and go on an epic expedition! Teamwork makes the dream work!

  Imagination allows us to explore beyond the confines of our environment and our reality, into a world of dreams and possibilities, where creativity and ideas are at their strongest. Continue to develop your littles ones' imaginations by asking thoughtful questions, making time for imaginative thinking and play, and showing your playful side. Share your own imagination and watch them flourish, in return, they’ll become more confident in themselves.   

  We wish you the best holiday season ever! Enjoy the upcoming winter festivities and continue to imagine!

Resources from Dr. Peggy Chang:

For additional reading on the role of imagination in young children: check it out!


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