Teaching Kids About Diversity

Teaching Kids About Diversity

As the new school year begins, encourage your kids to embrace diversity by making new friends and appreciating each other's differences and uniqueness. Teach kids about diversity, and encourage them to view the world with kindness and empathy. Try out these 2 science experiments to help teach your kids about diversity! 

Lab 1: Egg Investigation 

Have your kids put on their best detective glasses and see if they can spot the differences between the different eggs. Have them explore the outside of each egg and make predictions on what they think the inside would look like. 

Encourage them to make note of the sizes, colors, the texture of the egg, weight, and so forth. Once they have made their prediction and are ready to figure out the answer, crack open the egg and see if they're predictions are correct! 

Remember, to take time to explain to your kids the bigger picture and how this lesson applies to their every day life. 


For those with younger kids, try boiling the eggs first so that you won't have to worry about any potential accidents. 

    Lab 2: M&M Investigation 

    Have your kids dive into the sweetness of M&Ms to undercover an even greater discovery. 

      Teaching Kids about Diversity 

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