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As an educator, I've witnessed firsthand how this app has transformed the way my students engage with and manage their emotions. One of the most striking aspects of the app is how highly engaged my students become during their time with it. Whether they're exploring interactive games or navigating through the various activities, their attention is captivated from start to finish. It's become a preferred activity for many of them, often requesting to use it during our free time or as a reward for good behavior.   What sets this app apart is its ability to encourage critical thinking about the Zones of Regulation. Through colorful visuals and interactive exercises, it prompts students to reflect on their current emotional state and understand which zone they're in. This not only enhances their self-awareness but also fosters a deeper understanding of emotional regulation.

- Anja Jones | Special Education Teacher, 1st and 2nd Grade 

Supporting Behavior Goals for Special Education Students

For some students with individualized education plans (IEP), staying emotionally regulated and being able to communicate effectively can be a challenge. Many teachers seek to provide students with tools that will help them understand how they are feeling and options for calming down and being ready to learn. For middle school students who rotate through multiple classrooms in a day, having continuity of support systems is essential.

Kindergarten SDC

“The impact the MEandMine app has brought to my students is truly remarkable. The app's focus on social skills has been incredibly beneficial, teaching valuable lessons that have positively influenced their interactions and growth. I am grateful for the opportunity to use such a valuable tool in my classroom.”

Manal Gerguis  l Kindergarten SDC Teacher

1st and 2nd Grade SDC

One of the most remarkable aspects of the app is its ability to regulate students' emotions and help them calm down. Whether they're feeling overwhelmed, anxious, or frustrated, the app offers a range of tools and techniques to guide them back to a state of calm. From breathing exercises to mindfulness activities, students have found effective strategies to manage their emotions in real-time.

Jasmin Plancarte l Behavior Specialist, BABC


We have enjoyed using the MEandMine app in my classroom. It is a great tool for children's regulation and social skills. This platform works well in conjunction with the Zones of Regulation that we use throughout our district. Several of the students looked forward to using the app each day. Thank you for the opportunity to use such an amazing tool. 

Liz Leaverton l TK/K SDC Teacher

The Cambrian School District utilizes the MEandMine application to provide extra support for special education students in TK-8th grade.  At the elementary school, students utilize the MEandMine app on a daily basis to check in and learn more about their emotions and how to use strategies for calming down when needed. For middle school, students check in multiple times a day. With personalized games, deep breathing exercises and emotion stories, teachers have reported that students are able to calm down faster, regulate their emotions more often and become more self aware through their sessions with the MEandMine Emotions Lab application.

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