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Farnham's Story

Students in first grade have really enjoyed navigating through the MEandMine app. They are focused and completely engaged whenever they are on this program. When I log onto the teacher dashboard, I'm able to get a screenshot of what my class' regulation zone is as a whole, as well as their well-being index and engagement level. This allows me to check in with students if I consistently find them in a specific zone of concern. 

- Veronica Johnson l 1st Grade Teacher 

Farnham Elementary School Increases Mental Well Being 

Farnham Elementary is a TK-5th grade school in the Cambrian School District and has over 450 students. To support their student’s mental health and well-being, Farnham recently began using the MEandMine Emotion Lab application for students in grades 1-3. On a daily basis, students check in to indicate what emotion zone they are in. Based on the check-in information, the system delivers personalized games that are designed to calm student’s down, increase energy and stay engaged on tasks. In just a few months, teachers reported a significant improvement in student’s self regulation skills and ability to stay engaged and learning throughout the day. 

MEandMine app teaches students strategies that they can use to help calm themselves when they experience strong emotions. Many students have learned about these strategies in the app and put them into practice in the classroom. 

Amy O'hehir  l Principal

My students love using MEandMine in the classroom. They enjoy hatching the emotion buddies to learn about different emotions and playing fun interactive games. MEandMine app has been an effective tool to help my students identify and regulate their emotion.

Wendy Olson l 2nd Grade Teacher

MEandMine's App has been a great integration to my student's counseling session. I enjoy that the students remain engaged through games, stories, and virtual calming corners. The SOS button is particularly instrumental in helping behavior students de-escalate.

 Van Phan l School Counselor

Student Testimonials 

Watch and listen to Farnham students describe what they think of MEandMine’s Emotion Lab application!

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