Ask an Expert About Healthy Eating - Dr. Tim Lee, M.D.

Ask an Expert About Healthy Eating - Dr. Tim Lee, M.D.

Diana Phuong


Raising kids who eat a variety of healthy foods can be a challenge in our hectic lives. We asked Dr. Tim Lee, M.D., about building healthy eating habits. Here are some of his simple tips to develop healthy eating habits for kids of all ages:


  •  Eating together as a family on a daily basis is essential and provides a chance for parents to introduce their children to new foods and to be role models for healthy eating.


  •  Allow your children some control of what they will eat and won’t.  Meals should be pleasant and enjoyable and parents should avoid forcing food on their children. Also, teaching our children to pay attention to their bodies is important to avoid overeating.  


  • Involving your kids in meal planning and cooking is a great way for them to learn about nutrition and get excited about meals. Select age-appropriate tasks so kids can play a part in the kitchen. At the end of the meal, don’t forget to praise the little chef! 
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