3 Tips on Responding to Your Child's Disappointment about Classroom Assignment

3 Tips on Responding to Your Child's Disappointment about Classroom Assignment

Finding out that you aren't in the same class as all your friends can be extremely frustrating. But it doesn't have to be! Try out these 3 tips to transform a seemingly negative situation into a positive one. 

Expert Tip #1: Just because they are no longer in the same class, doesn't mean they can't be friends 

Your child might be worries that since they are no longer in the same classes as their friends, they will no longer be friends. Take this time to reassure them about all the opportunities they will still have to hang out with their friends. Whether it's playing together during recess time, sitting together during lunch, or even scheduling a play date outside of school, make sure you give them concrete examples of when they will still be able to see their friends. 

Try this out: 

"I know you are disappointed that you aren't in the same class as your friends, but think about all the new people you are going to meet! What about this, let's set up a playdate with your friend on Friday, and you guys can talk about all the different exciting things you guys learned in each of your classes?" 

Expert Tip #2: Encourage them to make new friends

Making new friends might seem scary and overwhelming, but try encouraging them to step out of their comfort zone and make new friends. Try reminding them of instances where they were nervous about making new friends and how they ended up becoming good friends with so and so. When we provide specific examples of their successes, it can help them feel more confident in themselves and their abilities and make a scary task appear less intimidating.

For our kids who are a little more shy: 

Try role-playing at home! Give them ideas on how they could potentially approach other kids and what they could say. 

Expert Tip #3: A new teacher means learning new and exciting things 

Get them excited about the new school year by focusing on all the endless possibilities a new school year holds. Is there any particular subject they are looking forward to? Any dying questions they can't wait for the teacher to answer? Just because they didn't get the teacher they wanted doesn't mean the learning and fun will stop. A new teacher can often bring in a new perspective and new knowledge. They might teach things differently from their previous teacher, but your kids will adapt quickly! 

Try this out: 

"Is there anything that you are excited to learn about this school year? 

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