3 STEAM DIYs to Celebrate National STEAM Day

Learning through play can be a powerful tool. According to psychologists, kids learn and retain more information when learning is associated with strong positive emotions. Transform their learning experience into positive moments that will stick with them for a lifetime. 

Check out 3 easy STEAM DIYs for kids to help spark their creativity, curiosity, and emotional growth. 

1. Instant Ice

A part of growing up is learning that it's okay to fail sometimes and not get things right on the first try. Setbacks allow us to build a stronger foundation by challenging our grit and problem-solving skills. Try out this DIY instant ice science experiment to visually discover the power of a growth mindset. 

        2. Swirling Emotions

        We experience so many different emotions in just one day. Instead of asking your kid about their days, take it a step further and ask your kids about all the different emotions they experienced today. Have them draw out all the different emotions onto bottle caps and create a beautiful emotion lava lamp. 

        When we normalize talking about emotions, it helps shape their views of emotions and how important it is to talk about them and address emotions instead of bottling them up. 

              3. Melting Sadness

              Emotions are temporary! A lot of times when we feel emotions like sadness, we feel stuck and overwhelmed. But the good news is, these emotions don't last forever! We have the power to regulate our emotions and help us feel better. There are many things we can do to help us feel better and melt away that feeling of sadness. 

              While trying out this DIY, make sure you take time to brainstorm with your kids ways to help yourself feel better when we experience emotions like sadness. 

              Ways to melt away sadness:

              1. Talk to a friend or your parent. 

              2. Try doing something you love, like going on a walk or  playing with your friends. 

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